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Overeem fights only once in

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Overeem fights only once in Strikeforce…. definately

Diaz looses to someone. Maybe Daley… god I hope so

Fedor looses a second time and retires…. more likely he would lose and M-1 goes bankrupt. He fights in the UFC once in 2012 and loses then retires.

now mine:

Strikeforce puts on no cbs events and showtime starts to lose interest.

bellator on mtv2 becomes a big success much like TUF was only to become lame in 2012

Brock leaves the UFC and fights cans in japan in MMA/Wrestling fights only to come back saying how he hates “yellow people”

Josh Thomson comes out of the closet and has gay sex with nick ring in a cage, not the octagon but an actual cage.

overeem and werdum fight in his only strikeforce fight and overeem loses.

people realize that japanese fighters kinda suck and the UFC stops hiring them.

Anderson Silva finally loses to Sonnen and retires to become a full time child molester/micheal jackson impersonator.

Matt Mitrione fights JDS for the championship because there is no one else to fight

shark fights and shine fights merge in to shiny shark fights, DREAM makes a soup out of it

site related

Subo leaves the all the gay sites he is on and actually makes post people like.

Ryan and Jake make a trip to america and people finally meet them