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it’s one of the things i hate

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it’s one of the things i hate seen being spelled wrong, other than that i don’t care what other grammatical errors there are…

My predictions for 2011

The UFC hires 30 octagon girls that are put on auction at each UFC event. Sort of like hookers but in between sex breaks she walks around you holding up a round card.

Scott Coker shoots himself where his face is coming out his stupid head during a press conference no one bothers to show up for.

Brock Lesnar develops Karo Paroysian disease and becomes an even bigger pussy.

Fedor loses to Bigfoot. Bad.

Dynamte holds another NYE show featuring pretty much the same people from this years NYE show.

MMAjunkie and Bloodyelbow, having absolutely no humor or ounce of humility gets lured by Lesnar.Hadikon and anally rapes them. He also sucks Kidnates small dick.

Fightlinker will roll out another new design, but makes things worse and takes away the forums. They also appoint Roxy as the new leader and from then on Jackals are required to wear tampons. Properly.

Subo is the only Jackal left because he already wears tampons.