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Fedor.Hadouken, Dream is not

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Dream is not on PPV….your right, but they do broadcast some stuff on HDNet, and I won’t pay for that just to see the FEG product. I will not purchase merchandise of the company, nor will I support there protected fighters with merchandise sales…..So that is how I speak to Dream with my $$.

Strikeforce is going to try to get on PPV, does merchandise, and DVD’s…….all stuff I won’t buy until their bullshit matchmaking stops…….So that is how I speak to Dream with my $$.

Now I am a junkie, so I will still hunt stuff down through free sources, or purchase used where they will not see profit from my dollar. Much like I did with Pride.

As to your he’s taking a different path…..yes he is. He’s taking the “Fedor’s never fight top tier talent back to back to inflate your record” path since he turned heavyweight. As opposed to his Fight everyone as a LHW, and loses some important fights against top tier LHW.

I don’t care if Overeem ever fights for the UFC…….it would be nice to see him unable to dodge around fights that he has a chance to lose.

I would rather the money invested in Fedor/Overeem be used to pay fighters that actually want to fight for companies. Instead we get the ego twins sucking as much cash out of companies as they can. Thank Zombie Jesus that Zuffa doesn’t cave to these contract whores.

Lets give Roxanne Modafferi , fancy pants, or any number of fighters that WANT to fight (without 4654 hours of contract negotiations) the money, and promotional backing. At least we can count on them to step up and earn our support.

If the ego twins step up, they may earn more respect, but I will never be a fan supporting them with my $$.

If I had 40 million kicking around, I bet I could make 2011 the year that Roxanne Modafferi fought more top ten MEN’s HW fighters than Overeem.