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Comment # 43. Well it’s not

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Comment # 43.

Well it’s not like Dream is on a PPV service, so your big bucks money argument doesn’t mean jack a lot of shit.

Look, not everybody comes up through TUF, or wanted to join the UFC when pride split.

Just because Reem is taking a different path and doing things his own way doesn’t mean he deserves scorn.

I get sick of the Fanboy argument that he should be in the UFC RIGHT NOW FIGHTING FOR THE TITLE OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

Slow your fucking roll son.

It’ll happen, and when it does it’ll be all the better for the wait.

Reem isn’t Fedor, trying his best to stay out of the UFC, he’s just enjoying his K1 career. When the money dries up in Japan he’ll be in the UFC.

And all the haters will be nuthuggers.