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OK, Omomatta Bisping is

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OK, Omomatta

Bisping is probably one of the best examples of UFC’s style padding.

Haynes – TUF 3 Win
Schafer – Coming off a first round sub over McDonald. 7-1-2 at the time.
Sinosic – Love the guy, but a padding fight in his home town.
Hamill – Call a can if you like.
Evans – Call a can if you like. Still went on to win title.
McCarthy – Coming off a “loss” he takes a step down.
Day – 18-7 at the time….I give you this as padding.
Leban – Tough as fuck.

Compare that to Overeem as a HW:

Paul Buentello – Wins Belt
Tae Hyun Lee – A 1-1 Fighter
Mark Hunt – Hunt got submitted -OMG
Mirko Filipovic – ’08 Mirko is not ’05 Cro-Cop NC due to multiple groin shots. 1-2 leading up to this fight.
Gary Goodridge – Coming off 3 losses in a row. Now 6.
Tony Sylvester – 11-3. Only top “ten fight” is Overeem. lost to Chris Tuchscherer.
James Thompson – 4 losses in a row before Overeem. 1-3 since then.
Kazuyuki Fujita – 2 losses in a row before Overeem.
Brett Rogers – Coming off first career loss. Should not have been fighting for the belt, but Stikeforce can’t get their shit together.

Who’s really padding here ??