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Good thing Alistair never signed the contract with a promotion with a long standing reputation of signing fights with under two week notice. We all know top tier fighters love going into fights with no training camp, and trying to get visas 9 days before an event.

Good thing Alistair never signed a contract with a company that has non-exclusive contracts, won their HW belt, and the defended once in THREE FUCKING YEARS. Overeem even claim the the old nut hugger poster boy (Fedor) has been ducking him (Pre-Werdum). Solution. UFC, MFC, Sharkfights….non-exclusive contracts, so the Strikeforce “punkbitchness” crew (Fedor, Bigfoot, Werdum, Barnett) can’t duck him.

Overeem is an adult. As an adult I can hold him liable/responsible for the choices he makes. He wants freedom of contracts, and is smart enough to see how promotions run. He know he can’t stand up to 3 or 4 top tier guys in a row and guarantee winning (see UFC HW title over the last 5 years). So he claims everyone is ducking him. You believe that, I see it a 50% bullshit.

Overeem talking about Fedor ducking him.


One Year ago they didn’t have they money. That hasn’t stopped FEG from putting on shows, and not paying fighters. Letting 3 or 4 guys know that they are on the short list to fight Overeem on the New Years show would allow them time to at least be in fight shape….just in case they get the call. Their are enough guys out there that would take the fight for a hopeful pay day.

Oh ya……..not gonna call out glassjawsh for calling Fedor “punkbitchness” ??