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hey subo. hey subo! yeah I’m

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hey subo. hey subo! yeah I’m commenting at you, yeah you! Don’t look away, you know I’m commenting at you. Put the jelly filled donut down and read this shit that I wrote, then maybe either a couple or a few hours later you read. Read this shit, look, take that jelly donut off your dick subo, no!! NO! Bad Subo! BAD!
Fuck, who does that shit? Who masturbates with food on their dick? Yes subo you, it was a rhetorical question, put your hand down, and the donut. Yes, you might as drop the dildo while your at it.

OK, now that I’ve got you attention, you can’t ban-….Fuck Subo’s sister. Just because you are fat doesn’t exclude you from wearing clothes. Put a damn shirt on and some pants…Oh, no clothes are able to fit you? Here, here’s a king sized blanket. Wear it, I cut holes out for your fat seal sized arms, just put down the Mcnuggets and put this fucking blanket shirt on! Look, I know this king sized blanket doesn’t wrap around your stadium sized body but it will at least cover the most hideous parts of you. Damn you are fat.

No Subo!! Subo stop it! Stop cyber sexing redenginecunt!

I don’t even know why I came to your house. Oh that’s right, to bang your mom. Lets go Butters.