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YEAH RIGHT, comment



YEAH RIGHT, comment 15

“Overeem said he didn’t want a a huge fight for this card because he has so little time to prepare.”

Wipe the ball sweat out of you eyes, and read what you lover Overeem is saying.

“If I fight on the ‘Dynamite!!’ show, I expect it to be for the DREAM heavyweight title,” Overeem told reporters following his win. Dec-13-10

So which is it?? He wants a tune up fight, or he wants to fight for the belt?

HOLY SHIT…..I just figured it out……HE WANTS TO FIGHT A CAN FOR A MEANINGLESS TITLE FIGHT. Now that’s a champ!!

I support the UFC, because top ten fighters have to fight other top ten fighters. They don’t pad fighters records to inflate their mma stock. If this was a #16 v #22 ranked fighter, I wouldn’t give a shit. Overeem is allegedly a top ten belt holder.

This is not FEG’s first News Years show. They could have been prepared with title, and non-title options for Overeem to face.

Bad Promotions = a Free for all hate fest :)