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I would like to take this



I would like to take this opportunity and platform to voice my concern over some of thisredengine’s earlier derogatory gay slander and rude comments.

As an active member of the homosexual, gay and lesbian movement, I find it very disturbing when a respected and contributing member of the internet community allows himself to be lowered to such despicable and disrespectful levels of rude and lewd language. I forwarded a copy of the comments to my local legislative authority and will also be contacting your employer on behalf of the homosexual, gay and lesbian community along with what will surely be a lengthy petition asking that you be reprimanded to an acceptable degree.

Shame on you sir to allow yourself to be so unprofessional. Just because others use this platform of speech and opinion to pass on derogatory comments and practice bigotry does not mean you have to. If you were in a room and all the men started to treat their spouses like human waste, would you engage in the same behavior? Why does this platform differ?

Someone of your position is held to a higher standard and you need to recognize this. It is a responsibility that comes with the territory. When you accepted to receive monetary compensation from a respected organization, you forfeited your right to engage in the use slander and insult towards minorities of culture and lifestyle. Do you feel just as comfortable insulting members of the African American, Hispanic, Arab or Jewish community in the same manner that you engaged the homosexual, gay and lesbian community?

I hope you take this opportunity to reflect on your situation and how you want to be treated in the future. I do not want to hurt anyone’s career unnecessarily but enough is enough. We, homosexuals, gays and lesbians must sometimes make a stand and this SIR is where I respectfully draw the line.

I’ve addressed you with dignity and we expect nothing less in return from someone of your position and professional stature.

With great regret,

Jean Culbien
Montreal, Québec Canada