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Frick, I was told about this


Frick, I was told about this post by Subo. That’s why I showed up. As you said, I don’t have a relationship with anyone here and I’m not looking for backup. I don’t need others to go in for me. But it is pretty hilarious that in a post that started out to make me look bad (and yes, I do look bad here), it backfired on Jawsh as well. Seeing as he has dropped it, I will too. I really don’t care enough either way to be quite honest. I just thought it was funny that his personal Jihad against me brought him to fightlinker in hopes that people would band together to I guess stop me? I’m not sure really.

I’ll probably stick around just so I can go full retard since you really can’t do that on SBNation.

Ryan, I hope I can continue on what Walsh built. It’ll be tough though since he really is probably the most knowledgable K1 writer in North America.