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Okay fellas, I gotta weigh in



Okay fellas, I gotta weigh in on this. I just GOTTA weigh in!!

Jawsh–>I like you. The BE rant came off a little weak. Plus, that’s not the type of site to accomodate spirited conversation or free speech in general. Their idea of a rousing debate is who can deepthroat Luke the best. Personally, it’s a trick question b/c I have on good authority that he has a vagina.

ThisRedJewName–>I don’t remember you vividly from BE except that you commented frequently enough. I stopped going there b/c it got pretty lame. I’m all for you defending yourself. However, I don’t EVER recall seeing you on FL & have no relationship w/anyone on here. Unlike BE, we have intelligent dialogue while still showing the capacity to joke w/each other. In some cases, we vehemently disagree (especially w/Subotic). But even under the most severe personal attacks, we find a way to resolve it. Not always amicably, but always as MEN. Not little fucking faggots who have to show their ass. I’m pretty sure I lead a comfortable lifestyle, though I wouldn’t bring it up to anyone on here except to MAKE JOKES.

Now RedJew, nobody on here will back you up b/c we don’t know you & therefore…..DON’T LIKE YOU. Being a rep of BE doesn’t help either. Being fat means I don’t care for you much either (you ARE fat, correct?). I’m a superficial narcissist, blow me if you don’t like it. I don’t get why you came here. If Jawsh hasn’t gotten to you, then it wasn’t worth the retort. If he did get to you, then your response was as weak as your willpower @ a breakfast buffet. Last time I crossed swords in here w/Kid Nate he got FUCKING ROASTED. And I wasn’t even feeling particularly inspired. Man the fuck up & show some fangs or don’t come back. I will verbally smash your fucking face in w/a linguistic brick. And I don’t aim for the target, I am THROUGH it. Freddie “Shakes” Roach taught me that!!