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I want to scream at



I want to scream at littleredengine!

I don’t like you and you don’t like me! I have a house and it has a bath tub! It has bedrooms and a kitchen! My kitchen has a sink! I eat in my kitchen….and my dining room! I even sleep in one of my bedrooms! It has a bed!

I have sexy stuff with girls! Those girls have vaginas, and they are pretty! I play with their vaginas! They’re better than your girlfriend’s vagina!

I get kicked off blogs too! My writing things are funny! Your’s aren’t as funny as mine, sir! I could totally kick your butt in a funny blog thingy writing contest! Ask all the body’s, I’m funny and I get kicked off blog site things! Bloody Elbow kicks me out too! They hate my writing funny times!

I hate Jawsh more than you! I tell him every day! I started way before you too! I am the biggest Jawsh hater! You started after me and I started before you! I win! Top that sir of hating Jawshy!

I’m mean and funny and pretty girlfriends the best!