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I have a 2 bedroom flat



I have a 2 bedroom flat too… with 1.5 baths! HA! IN YOUR FACE!

Listen, Red… can I call you Red? Good. Listen, seriously, regardless of how good/bad of a writer you are or how sweet/shitty your apartment is, one thing is clear: following someone who talked shit about you to another forum to try to return the favor makes a pretty clear statement about how much of a pathetic loser you are.

Also, I remember your turd-in-the-swimming-pool arrival and quick banning at CagePotato too, and I’m pretty sure you’re the only person who’s ever, um… “made an impression” like that over there. So stand proud, you’re definitely making your mark on the world… like a brown streak in the underpants of the MMA interwebs.