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this is hilarious.. ben



this is hilarious..

ben Says:
Fri, 04/30/2010 – 12:50

So, a few things…

– I just blocked the “real” thisredengine, for acting just as annoying as the “fake” thisredengine.
– I also deleted the post that contained his e-mail address. Am I concerned that he’ll bring an actual lawsuit against us over our readers finding his e-mail address on BloodyElbow and spamming him? No, not really. But he’s been tweeting and e-mailing us since this went down, and I just want him to go back to BloodyElbow, permanently, so please don’t fan the flames. That’s the crazy part about this whole situation. You tell a commenter to fuck off over and over again until finally you have to block him, and then his “real” counterpart shows up and won’t fuck off either. And yet these are two different people, ostensibly. Hmm.