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dear sir, i am a 26 year old



dear sir, i am a 26 year old workout freak who is 2 semesters away from getting my MIS/MLS. I have a loft apartment above a bar and have actual sex with actual women.

You are a fat titted woodsman who thinks he’s better than other people because he knew who akira shoji and ivan menjivar were before they were cool. you own a fleshlight and pop wood everytime that girl with sideburns smiles at you at the wendy’s drivethrough.

remember that time that everyone hated you so much that someone posed as you over at cagepotato and got you banned and it hurt your pussy so badly that you actually threatened legal action? against the mean guys on the internet! fucking hilarious

isn’t it cute how you define your worth in life by the UNPAID BLOG YOU RUN? or it’s possibly the saddest thing ive ever seen in my entire life. even subo has other things going for him AND HE IS UNEMPLOYED AND LIVES IN HIS MOMS BASEMENT.

now if you please sir, climb back up nate’s asshole where’s it’s safe and warm and sycophants like you are welcome

edit: the only “problem” I caused, was agreeing with everyone about what an unrelenting douche you are