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Overeem is hot stuff these



Overeem is hot stuff these days, Fedor is… Fedor and Werdum is riding the hype train from beating Fedor but I’m seriously not sold on his hype. Fedor threw himself into that triangle twice.

Bigfoot is a solid heavyweight but is not a star but I’ll give him that he’s an active fighter who still has some upside left in him.

Andrei Arlovski needs at least one or two cans before he’s ready for the big show again after losing a boxing match to Bigfoot.

Brett Rogers is 0-1 grappling against TJ de Santis and dropped a round to Warpath – enough said.

Josh Barnett isn’t licensed to fight in the US.

I’ve never seen Sergei Kharitonov fight but he didn’t fight in 2010 and fought once in the two years prior. No idea if/when he’ll fight for SF.

Am I forgetting someone besides their prospects? Cause unless I missed a couple of stars, the UFC looks pretty good in comparison as far as _putting on fights_ with relevant heavyweights goes.