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Sunday night church (movie)



Sunday night church (movie) doesn’t start for an hour and I’m bored so…

Strikeforce has:
Fedor – Might get a few wins in UFC HW division, but would not look nearly as good as he is used to looking.

Overroids – Love his nuuts, has a shot at UFC’s belt in my opinion

Werdum – Let’s just say if he fought Arlovski again right now, the result would be the same. Would not crack top 5 in the UFC.

UFC has:
JDS – Look who he beats and how he beats them. He is like 25?

Cain – Brown, Proud, and other than pretty much getting his asshole handed to him by Cup Chiek, he has looked amazing.

Lesnar – Self explanatory

Carwin – Other than the steroids and lack of a gas tank, self explanatory. One exciting mofo to watch.

Mir – They still have him right? Well, he did break Tim “MegaVarner” Sylv’s arm, so that is pretty cool.

Jon Jones – He will end up at HW, and despite how annoying all his hype and snitching is, we would all be lying to say we aren’t curious to see how well he will do there.

Struve – If he can put on the 30 lbs he is shooting for, and if he keeps getting better, I can see him being top 5 no prob. Plus, look how fucking tall he is!

Pat Barry – Everyone will pay to see Pat Barry do pretty much whatever he wants.

Heath Herring – If this fool ever decides to squash his beef with Dana, he will…Well he would be a good fight for Werdum if he wants back into the UFC.

Big Country – The human marvel, a miracle of physics, he is fat but he still goes for 3 rounds with JDS.

Honorable mention – (even though you all hate him with fiery darts of Jesus fury, he sometimes is entertaining, and most definitely sexy) Cup Chiek, Cro Cop, Big Nog, Meathead, Shaub

UFC wins. And once they have The Horse(meat) Whisperer they will win even more. And so will we because Dana will actually make him fight.