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“Cuz they have the more



“Cuz they have the more interesting fights, the better fighters, and a better format”

this is so dumb ill have to refute it step by step

1. more interesting fights….THAT NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN. I’ll set the over under of how many of those fights you listed actually happen at 1 and take the under

2. the better fighters……SF top 5 is (in order) Overeem, WErdum, Fedor, Bigfoot, um….Barnett? Match them up against the UFC’s Cain, JDS, Lesnar, Carwin, Mir
simple math tells you that even with my horribly Overeem centric view of the universe and your Fedor dicksuckery the UFC STILL wins 3 of 5

3. a better format….so what you are alluding to is that SF’s format of fights not happening is a much better way of doing business than the UFC’s style of actually putting on fights? I get it, I get it. Oh wait, thats fucking retarded

4. dumb