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Wot? Tatame’s in Portuguese.



Wot? Tatame’s in Portuguese. I’d rather get the fanpost than a website I have to pick out fighter names from and guess the rest.

Anyway, I don’t think they’ll be able to pull off anything resembling a GP or tournament but they do have plenty of upside in that division if they can really get things going in ’11. They’re pulling their two January cards out of their asses apparently, as if they forgot to plan them. To have a truly good year I think they’d have to get two fights out of Alistair and Fedor. They’re the most interesting guys they have and even if they don’t fight each other, they’ll give whoever they do fight enough validity to conjure some fireworks.

The UFC’s HW division, honestly, is not fantastic on the whole which makes their cutting of Todd Duffee extra strange to me. Their top two guys, JDS and Cain are the best in the world in my (and others’) opinion but behind them I think they have enough depth to barely edge out Strikeforce. Brock, Carwin, Mir, Schaub, Struve and Nelson all compare favourably to what Strikeforce has to offer.