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Belts mean nothing without a



Belts mean nothing without a history and lineage behind them. Strikeforce has legit champions who are world-class fighters but the belts didn’t make them that. They just happen to be Strikeforce champions too. Daniel Cormier is the KotC Heavyweight champion. Everyone who isn’t Cecil Peoples will tell you that’s a meaningless title, but that doesn’t diminish Cormier’s status.

Maybe one day Strikeforce will have legitimate divisions and established titles that mean something but that’s not the reality right now for most if not all of their weight classes.

Melendez is their best established champion by far but he’s not ruling a dynamic and extensive division. Look at his record. The only fighter he’s fought in the near past who’s still in Strikeforce is Thomson.

I never understood why people got so fired up about the Melendez-Alvarez pipe dream. It was obviously never going to happen, but it kept Bellator in the news cycle so win-win for them.