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I want Lesnar to prove me


I want Lesnar to prove me wrong. But I think the man is 2 brutal tko/ko finishes away from calling it quits.

Soko is a perfect allegory for Brock, guy comes with highly touted grappling skills (lesnars wrestling, soko’s judo) blitzes a couple established names through raw athleticism, gets fast tracked against high level opponents and gets creamed.

Brock is diferent due to his massive popularity but his performance in the cage very similar.

Strikeforces mismanagement of Overeem is par for the course of them being unable to capitalize on their fighters budding star power. Alistair is a vet on the world stage and knows how to do interviews is quite a decent guy (huge fan of the reem series and documentaries in genral its one of the best fight docs in recent memory and one of the best mma ones period). The Reem needs to come to the UFC, period.