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G–>deep breaths!! I’ve been

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G–>deep breaths!!

I’ve been robbed @ gunpoint. It sucked & I wanted to grab one o’ their guns & be a hero. But I valued my life more.

I’ve seen someone get shot over prolly some drug-related bullshit. I was fucking trembling.

I used to carry knives or my mini-crowbar (loved that thing). But the 1 time I was on a train watching a dude get mugged for some gang initiation……I pulled the E-brake, the “gang” faggots got mad about being trapped & someone pulled a gun (not @ me). So I was glad that they didn’t mug me b/c if I opened someone’s skull up, I woulda got shot.

My bro-in-law owns a shitload of guns. I have nothing against it. But it’s not for me.

Personally, I would like to eliminate guns from society. If the hunters are so skilled, let them use a bow & arrow……OR A SLINGSHOT!!

*status update: getting pissed @ my dept for slacking off. Fuck you, I realize I’m doing the same!!*