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Damn I hate peeps who talk

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G Funk

Damn I hate peeps who talk bout chit they know nothing about. STFU Jawsh, you sound like a bumbkin. Do you have a job where you have to scope (write an estimate) of a house in the ghetto?(No not a trailerpark) Has your house ever been burglarized by armed men? Have you ever been robbed at gun-point? Have you ever seen a guy get shot while beeing robbed? No? That’s right, cause you live in the fucking sticks with the rest of the hillbilly’s. I’m not like the toothless fags in your neck of the woods that thinks it’s a toy or wants to shoot niggers and queers.

I carry a gun at ALL FUCKING TIMES. These times means more fucked up shit is going on, and I will protect myself and family from punk motherfuckers. By the way, I’ve trained grappling and striking at ATT for five years and I also carry pepper-spray and a collapsible baton for situations that need not deadly force. And I’m pretty sure I can whoop your punk-ass in less than a minute you ignorant fuck.