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Letibleu: About no. 6 on your list. I think you’re forgetting that every UFC event according to the unified rules must contain at least 6 (7, if it’s an event sanctioned by the CSAC) referee initiated time outs due to low blows.

Leading up to the main event there had been a suspicious absence of groin shots, which would have given Kos the right to use an additional 15 min recovery time (remember, alloted recovery time for low blows for a whole event must be used by the end of said event, which makes sense when you think about it) and the right to claim that his “package” is so big, hits to the upper thighs count as shots to the groin.

I was shocked at this blatant disregard of the rules, Herb Dean should have known better, but most of all I feel sorry for those fans who were expecting to see a bunch of men kick each other in the nuts, who had to go home severely disappointed.