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The reffing last night was

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The reffing last night was horrible.

1)In the first bout John Makdessi continually scored illegal kicks to the body and head using a prohibited Kung-Fu style. there is a reason nobody else kicks like that. Its dangerous and someone might accidentally get knocked out. We have to voice our opinion on this as concerned MMA fans.

2)Matt Riddle should have gotten the nod. He spent 3 rounds executing a perfect game plan by smashing up Pierson’s fists with his face. He even was able to block leg kicks with his inner thigh. The entire time he did this, he still managed to taunt Pierson into attacking by shadow boxing to ridicule right in front of him. Matt Riddle is the new Jon Jones ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the Riddle era.

3)Joe Stevenson was in the middle of executing a new move he learned at Jackson’s when Miragliotta prematurely stopped the fight. Its an adaptation of the famous “lay n pray”called “lay n sleep”. You could see it in Stevenson’s eyes as soon as the fight was stopped that he was dreaming for the fight to continue. Now we only know the first part of the move.

4)The Charles Oliveira stoppage was warranted except that Oliveira should have been given time to reconsider his tapping. A fighter has 2 knees and can therefore afford to destroy one while still being able to pull off a win. Time must be allotted by the referee to make sure the fighter is very sure he wants to opt out of fighting. The same should apply to chokes. The fight should only be stopped when the fighter taps with both hands at the same time or 16 times with one hand to the beat of Black Sabbaths Iron Man solo.

5)Stefan Struve Should be tested for illegally cycling on giraffe growth hormones. Clear signs that he is on them were evident at the event. When he walked out, we could see on his back and his chest that his skin was very red from being abnormally stretched beyond its limits.

6) GSP won the fight but only because Herb Dean did not stop the fight when Koscheck accused GSP of kicking him in a region close to or around the groin. He made the motion towards the area and made a squinting face but Herb ignored him. He was able to recover from the squinting face imidiately but the damage was done. We learned after that he was about to execute his secret move that he had been practicing with the boyz down at AKA. The move is a secret one that Fitch will try to implement when he gets his 2nd title shot in 2015.

Its not only the judging that is ruining MMA.