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Well, sure you could say he



Well, sure you could say he is the best using K1 rules, and Muay is more open. But It’s Showtime’s rules are basically the same as K1’s and It’s Showtime is the #2 kickboxing org in the world.

As it stands, Alistair is the best hw Kick boxer in the world.

I really don’t get the hate, I would LOVE to see Pacquiao fight Jose Aldo, if I knew Pacquiao had a solid ground game, like Alistair does. Just like i would love to see Giorgio Petrysan fight MMA if he had good jitz.

Alistair qualified for ADCC in 2005, that means his ground game is sick. Regardless of what he record is or isn’t, people should be excited to see someone who is widely considered the best in another fighting sport compete in MMA. Stupid.