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I’m about to start crying,

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I’m about to start crying, this is the single most important thread ever made about me…


1) I’m in the Army.

2) No, but that sounds weird and sensual. Where do I apply?

3) I can’t read minds, so I walk with my wang outside my pants as confirmation.

4) I never seen that movie, but it probably has applied. You have to talk to them like children practically.

5) Now, it seems to me that every kid in Korea knows how to fight because my experience from being around them all they like to do is do some fancy leg toss trip takedown shit that I’m scared of, and knowing that these kids can just get in a group of 3 or 4 and kick my ass is scary. They all have retard strength, know how to fight. Now, they probably know what the UFC is, but they don’t know what a grilled cheese sandwich is. I think Koreans like other sports more than MMA because they were intense waching ping pong on tv the other day.