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lmao. This was posted 2



lmao. This was posted 2 months ago, and your just getting to it now.

I don’t think Fedor is “some pudgy russian”. My DVD library tends to disagree with your “doesnt know much about pride”. There is this wonderful thing called the INTERNET. It’s full of naked women, and bullshit. It’s also a wonderful tool for learning about things that interest you.

Fedor should not be given the special treatment he demands. It hurts promotions. Let him, and his M-1 take all their great fighters, and money. Start their own promotion, and stop fucking with Strikeforce. He is a great fighter, but I cannot support his business choices.

If the UFC used the Pride booking style Cain’s 3 fights after beating Brock.

Sean McCorkle, JDS (on 3 weeks notice), followed by Mostapha Al-turk.