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Blackula–>YOUR INITIAL ASSESSMENT WAS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I wasn’t addressing you as much as the overall sentiment in here. I tend to agree w/you anyway, dumbass.

To answer your question (as well as my bad short-term memory can): Hendo & Daley are definitely high level guys who could still compete in the UFC. But their opponents couldn’t hang on the undercards. Therefore, a slaughter didn’t thrill me.

A KO is nowhere near as important TO ME as a competitive fight where both guys TAKE A LITTLE RISK to finish or score a definitive victory. I’m all for lower level guys scrapping their hearts out as long as it’s COMPETITIVE.

A guy like Lindland should not even be licensed to fight @ this level!! He’s old, his body looks old, he has the speed of a newborn Benjamin Button & he hasn’t beaten a relevant fighter since maybe Baroni back in ’03.