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^I was thinking that same

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^I was thinking that same match up yesterday myself! Daley vs. T. Alves would be damn entertaining.

I thought this Strikeforce event had closer match ups than previous SF events. Not to say they were all evenly matched but not as lopsided as they have been. These guys are far from irrelevant. Hendo still has it, Daley recently crushed Kapmann as he was the #1 contender in UFC and took Kos to a decision. Lawler had a killer look in his eye and destroyed Lindland who is now 40 and slipping, but Lawler looked sharp and hungry. Exciting night of fights where as the UFC not so much. Does anybody expect the TUF winner to be around very long? I don’t see it but he’ll get babied along for a while to keep him around. So easy a caveman can do it!