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wtf Frick, I tried to turn

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wtf Frick, I tried to turn the conversation towards what I believe to be the crux of the argument: The expectation of finishes and if you adjust them based on the skill levels of the competitors in the cage.

But seeing as the thread returned to its original premise of argue with Subo (if you haven’t realized, by begging Derek to argue, YOU ARE PLAYING DIRECTLY INTO HIS HAND”) my question fell on deaf ears.

I still believe Hendo and Daley to be high level fighters (Dan’s only UFC loses came in title matches ffs) and they are a feather in the cap of any organization that has them because of the brutal and exciting finishes that they can produce.

But lets not kid ourselves about the blatant mismatches that we saw when a card is damn near entirely comprised of UFC cast offs. All it shows is that Dana shouldn’t be so quick to cut fighter that are still able to compete at the highest levels.

I am still pissed I never got to see Henderson vs Marquardt and Daley vs T. Alves.