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Semtex was one fight away

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Semtex was one fight away from fighting for the UFC WH Belt but as soon as he goes to Strikeforce he becomes irrelevant. Lawler is a top 15 middleweight, Big Foot is a top 20 HW, there was nothing irrelevant about this card. Great fights featuring some top level fighters.

The UFC card was a piece of shit, but that is becoming the norm lately. When you let go of a hall of famer like Dan Henderson because you wanna save up on a few bucks you end up with a division where the only chalenger for the belt is a fucking roider with microscopic balls. Applying this philosophy to all their weight divisions is a sure way to push many fans away. Dana White should be more worried with the quality of his product and less with the so called expansion, lately the UFC shows have been weak.