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There is this comedian (I forgot his name) who had a funny skit:

Hell is where you wanna be because thats where the action is. Why would the devil punish you, your one of his own kind! Besides, where do you think the drugs and the hookers go? Do you think God will open the pearly gates and say “youve been a good boy, come on in and sniff that line off the belly of that big breasted naked slut over there”.

We only know Gods side of the story. He is the only one who came out with a book. The devil has no book. We dont know his arguements. In perspective, he is the bigger man. God writes all this shit about him but the devil chooses not to play that childish game and keeps to himself…

Amyways, if this rings a bell for anyone, please remind me of the comedians name, he was not bad.