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I wish this thread hadn’t gone the direction of stereotyping atheists as in-your-face missionaries against God. I don’t believe in a God but that is because no one can prove God(s) exist to me. This works the other way also, though. There is no way I can disprove the existence of a ‘higher power.’ The cause of the debate between atheism and religion is, unfortunately, misconstrued as the broad topic of “Science.” Scientific journals with sources and studies listed are published under the scrutiny of every scientist and as an accessible resource. If there is a flaw in a scientific study or experiment, it is open to be pointed out. Science is not only based on method, logic, quantitative measure/analysis, and evidence; it is based on the participation of the world to keep its statements factual. Telling someone that their belief structure is baseless is absurd and certainly not “Science’s” fault. In turn, the idea that science would pervert its system to only pursue information around the beliefs of one religion or another. This, unfortunately, is what most faiths want from science. Islam would alter the scientific journals differently from Christianity and both would revise in ways incomparable to Zoroastrianism; so on and so forth. The largest problem in the debate between religion and science is the overwhelming lack in the public knowledge of what science is and how it works.
For people who debate the validity of scientific findings: base it on something substantial and the disproof of the current evidence.
For people who push their views on each other, atheist or religious: the decision to believe is up to the individual, regardless of evidence, so shut the fuck up before I Ezekiel choke you with my lab coat.