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Rev-Tell that to a buddhist.

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Rev-Tell that to a buddhist.

I don’t get why atheist don’t just call themselves anti-christians.
And jews don’t care about you because they think they are better than you–that’s why they only want to marry within their religion–no one else is good enough.

Where I live anybody who has a religion is persecuted. Atheism is pushed down my throat, it’s all just bullshit. I don’t care what you believe in, I would never tell you you are wrong, so don’t say anything about what I believe in. Live and let live.
Who are you to say what I believe in is made up?

I’m not saying there are not religious freaks, because there are. Recognize you fuckers are doing the same exact thing.

And btw-anybody who truly follows and believes in God doesn’t fear death; they embrace it.
Ps-Buddhism preaches rebirth, the better you are(or more good karmas you do), the happier rebirth you get, and vice verse. Oh wait, it’s not a religion at all. I forgot.