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I don’t fear death, however,

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I don’t fear death, however, I’m unsure if everything just ends, or if I will be reincarnated. How can I be so sure of something I’ve never seen before? Either way….I don’t believe that there’s a heaven or hell…..but I may be leaning towards believing that souls are recycled. I know, I know….I always wanted to visit Valhalla and drink sweet ambrosia and bone giant blonde bitches.

For me it is the understanding that death is the only thing in life that is guaranteed. So, live your life to the fullest, love to the fullest, don’t be such a dick (all of you), and don’t live in fear of the inevitable. I guess the thought of a big giant prize at the end of your life could keep you moving forward…..but, shit…..I don’t like promises, they’re always meant to be broken.

On a side note…I watched the greatest Nat Geo show about the creation of earth last night. It’s old (2005) but fuck me…..that show is a Christian’s nightmare. There wasn’t anywhere that said “Let there me motherfuckin’ light Nigga.” “Let there be grass, fucking trees, goddamn water, men, bitches, baby jesus, whatever.” Just a big meaty ball of magma floating in space being struck by other smaller masses.