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Still catching up at work,


Still catching up at work, plus tired as shit from my meds. But luckily, @work, I’m caught up to the stuff I was doing when I offered the help initially – working with Drupal.

I’m looking at modding an existing module for it and failing that, whipping up my own in shorthand. The former would be done by this weekend, and the latter would be done by the end of this weekend, failing the former.

I can’t fucking wait, so I can understand how you guys feel. I don’t even understand why there’s a forums thing here instead of a separate Jackals category, that works like the blog but Ryan has his reasons. It’ll work out either way, tho.

Oh and in case yer like me and hate non-apology apologies: I’m mad sorry that my personal bullshit has fucked up this community of worthless, sad, godless sacks as much as it has. For cereals.