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C’mon guys I thought the


C’mon guys I thought the people on this site were smart enough to not get dragged into the insipid “boxing vs mma” non issue.

Last week both sports had amazing knockouts (BJ/Hughes and Martinez/Williams) that even made the ESPN top 10

And last night we saw a future hall of famer in a war with a perennial lightweight title contender. Only caring about Pac man and PBF is about as silly as a casual fan only caring about mma when Brock and GSP fight.

I forget the original quote but its been said that mma attracts the most wishy washy and fickle combat sports fans because of the jack of all trades nature of the sport. Most mma fans would get bored watching a golden gloves tournament, ncaa div 1 wrestling tournament or k1 grand prix.

Last night we saw 2 fighters (JMM & Berto) make their case as opponents for Manny and Floyd. Granted JMM has lost to both guys he is still a very formidable lightweight and Berto may be untested against big name fighters but when the man is straight murking any can you put in front of him, you have to put him against a big name be it Floyd, Manny or even Mosley. Imo what Berto lacks in experience against marquee opponents he makes up for in youth and exceptional athleticism (i know the irony of a black guy calling another black guy athletic, but wtf…if the shoe fits).