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Kos has the best chance to

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Kos has the best chance to beat GSP, where most people see his loss to GSP as a negative I see it as an advantage because he knows what he has to do to win the next time.

I will just chalk it up to blind fanboyism that Kos training with former Olympians like Cormeir and Askren is seen as another hopeless ploy that will fall against the wrestling onslaught that is GSP.

If Kos can clearly win 2 rounds we will be in for a treat.

After all the crazy upsets in this year, are people really sold on GSP invincibility? Remember all the talk about the need of a superheavyweight division because BROCKLESNAR was just too big and strong for anyone to defeat. How Fedor could never be submitted by a ufc washout. The Machida era, how no lightweight on the planet was good enough to butter BJ’s gritts.

I am still kicking myself for not having the balls to bet on Frankie the second time and on Cain.