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The Hardy fight should have

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The Hardy fight should have been a finish. 99% of other fighters would have tapped.

I say lets enjoy the show. Everyones wet dream is GSP coming out, stuffing Koschecks takedowns, getting his own takedowns then standing up, beating up Kos badly like Fitch and then knocking him clean out. Of course, like I said earlier there is a slim chance Koscheck never makes it to the Octagon.

My prediction is that they both stand and trade. I think GSP will still be able to take Koscheck down. Anyone know how good Koscheck is at jiu jitsu?

I would even be expecting some weird off the wall finish like a leglock or heelhook from GSP.

The Kos gameplen is very evident. He will want to test GSP’s standup and avoid going down on his back. If he has trouble standing, he will definately try to put GSP on his back. Whoever has the strongest skillset will win this one other than a fluke.

Anyways, im PUMPED for this fight.