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Kos has improved enough for

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Kos has improved enough for me to think he can give GSP problems, training with Olympian level wrestlers like Cormier and Askren will mean the striking and cardio will be the deciding factors.

Granted Kos’s knock outs came against guys who are not in the UFC anymore and his power is evident. While GSP has a sharper crisper style he will default to his wrestling at the first hint of danger, its not so much that I think GSP has a suspect chin, GSP thinks he has a weak chin and fights so that it can never be exploited.

I am interested in this fight as much as the Edgar/Maynard rematch in that I am interested to see how fighters who usually cruise through opponents react to losing rounds. Will they get desperate or pull a Gerald Harris and play it safe/just do enough to not get finished.

It’s been a while since I have looked forward to a GSP fight because he is finally facing an opponent who should be able to defend against the wrestling, granted the first fight is referenced as Boss Canda’s greatest achievement I do believe it had more to do with Josh’s arrogance and hubris getting the best of him and I doubt he will make the same mistake twice.