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“Atheism -> Darwinism -> Eugenics -> Hitler -> Holocaust?”
WTF is the “->” suppose to mean exactly? Atheism resulted in Darwinism? Eugenics resulted in Hitler?

Jews have been on the murder list for 1000’s of years. Neither Hitler or Eugenics can take credit for starting that trend.
Your using Darwinism & Evolution interchangeable for some reason. What exactly do you mean by Darwinism anyway? I don’t see how it’s affects the validity to the theory of evolution.

Btw, I’m not doubting various religions have been major opponent’s of eugenics. But if they have it’s not been because it’s inhumane. It’s because it doesn’t jive with there view of their scripture.

If religion enhances your life, I’m delighted for you. So long as you don’t use your faith or holy scripture to justify stopping ME doing shit (masturbating, abortions, marrying a homo, banging hoes etc.).