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seems to me Dana White is

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seems to me Dana White is having a hard time putting a good card together ..A Frank Mir Lesnar rematch is proof of that is the stupid`est { if that is a word } thing i have ever heard of, these trilogy cards and fight rematches come on … UFC should have cards leading up to a large event like a superbowl type of event not 3 or 4 cards a month at pay per view cost`s ..I read more forums of people who are disappointed with paying for shitty cards .Dana wants it to be a sport but yet it runs like WWE or American gladiators ,look at baseball , hockey , football, boxing on how they run then compare to UFC ..Too much of a good thing eventually turns bad quick, imagine if you had to pay per view a football or hockey season dam i predict mma will cool to the back burners again with crap like this ….