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GSP needs to quit being a

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G Funk

GSP needs to quit being a ‘lil bitch and fight the bigger man. Machida needs to lose again(preferably in a devistating fashion) for Andy to fight Shogun(which would be FUCKING INSANE!) pEWNT needs to cut off his internet connection and get his “dick wet”. Derek needs to have an intense sexual encounter with big “Dee” White so he can see he’s not all that and deprive his sis of food instead of dick. Cool dude wit zmoke, aka HYHYPT, aka YEAH RIGHT, aka Have you hugged your pride today, aka I train wit Uriah, aka NorCalChingon, aka Alpha female, aka my iphone did that! needs to have a visual/burial ceremony for Pride fc. DJ needs to realize there is no god. Glassdick needs to drop the bible, quit porkin his sis, move out of bumbkin/retard town and see that he’s not such hot chit(you’ll still be in my eyes though Jashy). Frick needs to lose the bikini breifs and pinga coladas. FBM needs to grow some body hair and hook-up wit Frick already and I’s needs to zmoke more bomb bitches!