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It’s two different POVs

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It’s two different POVs trying to change the world for the better. Either POV saying the other should’nt voice itself is the problem I’m bothered by.

I have no problem with arguing FOR stem cell research, but being condescending to people who have the opposite POV just taints the argument.

And taking current knowledge/beliefs as gospel is just as stupid as taking older knowledge/beliefs as gospel. All were compiled by rotting monkeys, are prone to error, and should be taken with a grain of salt. In other words, not a reason to be condescending to people who don’t believe what you do or argue for things they believe in.

For the Record: I’m pro abortion (my Moms almost died during the early 70s), pro-sex-ed, and pro-stem cell research. I ate three fetuses just to get to work this morning. I just want the guys arguing for my positions to do it well.

Now back to gay-n-pray jokes.