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I’m not saying it shouldn’t

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I’m not saying it shouldn’t have happened from a fans perspective.

I am saying that from a business POV the timing is all off. I don’t assume that this is going to be the best fight ever. Both GSP, and Silva have had less than impressive fights lately. This could end with GSP pushing Anderson against the cage for two rounds, followed by a Silva vs Maia for the final 3. I don’t want a catch weight because I want a 5 round fight.

The timing has not been right due to performances.

IF, and a big IF at that, GSP vs Silva turns out to be a Maia/ Leites style fight. GSP’s marketability is hurt. GSP is one of the few MMA Stars that main stream media/sponsors are behind.

How would Gatorade, or Under Armor feel about sponsoring someone coming off a Maia/ Leites style fight??

GSP is opening doors into sponsorships like no other fighter. Putting him in a super fight with Silva could be marketing gold, or a big turd.

They need the timing to be right to be able to smooth over everything if this turns into a shitty fight, and not ruin the marketability of GSP.