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Glassjawsh, Two years ago no

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Two years ago no one was talking GSP vs Silva, they were talking about GSP just getting his belt back from Serra, and Fitch being the #1 contender. I don’t recall ever hearing about Matt Hughes vs Silva, or Serra vs Silva.

Silva will be 36 (April 14, 1975), If he fights GSP before 04/14/2012. It would have happened after the Maia fight, if Silva had of finished that fight. Silva chose the game plan he did. The fight sucked after the second round. My Dec 2011 GSP vs Silva only happens if they perform in the lead up, and make it a marketable fight. Even if the lose, but look impressive the fight can still be marketed.

In your @ Subo “when has the UFC ever pulled off a champion v champion match?” – You answered you own question in the sentence before your question.

Off the top of my head, Champ vs Champ fights:
GSP vs BJ – LW vs WW
Hendo vs Silva – Pride vs UFC
Hendo vs Rampage – Pride vs UFC

??? Vs ??? – WEC vs UFC lightweight.

EDIT: We would have seen Fedor, and Gomi as a Pride vs UFC as well, but they went in another direction. Good for them.