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Two years ago GSP/Silva

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Two years ago GSP/Silva didn’t make much sense IMO. Pac/May did make sense in ’08 (from my very limited boxing knowledge)

—how I see GSP/SILVA coming about ————–

Assuming that GSP/Silva keep winning/healthy.

GSP fights KOS (dec), and Shields (april – july). Maybe another season of TUF for building up Shields (think of that training camp unleashed on the TUF show. lol). He has a year to build muscle mass.

Silva fights Belfort (Feb), and Okami/??Chael?? (Apr – sept). I think Silva would bring the pain against both of them. If Silva wants it, he deserves Okami due to the DQ loss. Same as Fedor deserved a rematch with TK when that fight made little sense at that time.

They will be lined up for a Dec super fight on the new years card.


Now if they both get past their current Dana approved contenders, and this fight is not booked. I will lead the fucking charge to get Dana/Lorenzo/Joe to wake the fuck up.

If Zuffa offers them 10+ MILLION to fight under a major sanctioning body and either fighter say no for lack of blood testing. FUCK THAT FIGHTER. The combat sports fan pay your bills, and your gonna treat them like that. Cough Mayweather, Cough.

Once again….If Anderson, or GSP start doing Dancing with the Stars, or WWE events….I’ll join in your rage, until then give it some time.