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@ pewnt – but that’s exactly

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@ pewnt – but that’s exactly what refutes subo’s argument of “Pacman/Floyd happens YESTERDAY if both are under the same promotion” it’s the same bullshit, being under the same tent has nothing to do with it.

look how long tito dodged chuck and their actually in the same weight class

@ subo – pac walks around at 145 and “ballooned” up to 147 (for a 154 lbs title fight, against a guy who rehydrated to about 165, fought at a catchweight of 150….UGH!) mayweather currently “cuts” (not totally sure what he is walking around at these days after his comeback) to 154

gsp walk around at about 185 and silva at closer to 200 than 205
do the math sweet cheeks. percentage wise the difference is about the same