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not sure who i feel worse

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not sure who i feel worse for. derek’s mom or the dude polling his butterball of a sister! I’ll take the sluts and ill take the fuglies but you all can keep the fatties!

this of course reminds me of the time my younger brother stole my parents tv and pawned it for blow (while still living there at 22) or all the times he “borrowed” my dads credit card for weeks or the time he left a used condom in their bed (ok that might’ve been me) or all the used merchandise he’d come home with and tell my mom he “found it laying in the street”

i still have fond memories of coming home from purdue and seeing all of my brothers stuff strewn about the lawn and driveway. He’d sleep in the garage for a week my mom would miss him and everything would be ok. all families are fucked up